Sample Policies and Agreements

Sample Employee Policy and Procedures Handbook

The LMA provides a sample employee policy and procedure handbook.  This handbook contains employee leave policy, sexual harassment policy, purchasing policy, and more.  This should be used as a reference guide for municipalities that are establishing or review their own policies and procedures.

Sample Employee Policy and Procedures Handbook


Model Franchise Fee Agreements

These agreements are provided to the LMA membership to use as a sample and include cable, television, electric and building code ordinances samples. 

2011 Municipal Franchise Fee Survey
State Wide Sample Cable Franchise Agreement Ordinances
1- Franchise Fee Sample Ordinance
2- Right of Way Sample Ordinance
3- PEG Channel Sample Ordinance

Model Building Code Ordinance

Model Electric Franchise Ordinance

Model Telephone Franchise Ordinance

Legislative Auditors Sample Policies

Template Sexual Harassment Policy

Template Policy on Ethics

Template Policy on Social Networking Use