Handbook for Municipal Officials

The Louisiana Municipal Association has prepared this handbook to provide elected and appointed municipal officials with a general overview of their responsibilities related to the operation of their villages, towns, and cities. This expanded version of the Handbook for Louisiana Municipal Officials is intended not only for newly-elected officials but also veterans in municipal government. The inclusion of legal references, where warranted, provides a convenient place to initiate further research.

Handbook for Municipal Officials - Twenty-Second Edition, 2023

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Table of Contents  
Ch 1   Governing Body  

Ch 2   Open Meetings  

Ch 3   Public Records  
Ch 4   Public Bid Law  
Ch 5   Municipal Court  

Ch 6   Disaster Management  

Ch 7   Municipal Personnel  

Ch 8   Municipal Finance  

Ch 9   Technology  

Ch 10 Municipal Tort Liability and Insurance  

Ch 11 State Ethics Code  
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