Mentoring Program

You just got elected? Now what?

As part of the LMA’s continued commitment of service to our members, this program was introduced to partner experienced elected officials with newly-elected officials in an effort to boost new officials.  Newly elected officials benefit from the peer-to-peer interaction of this program.  Become a Mentee and find a Mentor to provide guidance through your new professional challenges. 

Program Benefits for Mentees:

  • Professional networking with new and veteran elected officials
  • A mentor to exchange ideas, best practices, and lessons learned
  • Develop leadership skills with other experienced members
  • Build a strong community through relationships and leadership development.

Give Back! Be a Mentor

This program connects experienced Mentors that help to develop the next generation of future municipal leaders.  Make your mark by positively impacting another elected official’s personal and professional development.

Program Benefits for Mentors:

  • Give back to other LMA members
  • Share lessons learned and experiences to next group of municipal leaders
  • Develop and establish relationships with colleagues
  • Help make great communities by facilitating the development of other community leaders.

Applications are sent out to the LMA membership each year.  In order to join the LMA Elected Officials’ Mentoring Program fill out the application and sent it to LMA.

Mentoring Program Application

Contact your Membership Service Coordinator for more information.