LaMATS Programs and Services

The Louisiana Municipal Advisory and Technical Services Bureau (LaMATS) was established in 1998 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the LMA.  It’s mission is simple…to bring economical and efficient services that assist the LMA membership with their day-to-day business.  LaMATS offers a variety of services and programs listed below:

Insurance Premium Tax Collection Program

The Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) collection program (annual and delinquent) provides a comprehensive service of managing all aspects of the annual IPT due to each municipality.  In 2018, LaMATS is under contract to provide this service to 206 muncipalities and parishes. 

To participate, please contact:  Mary Joseph, Program Manager

Occupational License Tax Collection Program

The Occupational License Tax (OLT) program can administer all requirements of issuing your annual occupational licenses.  This service is offered through a third-party services provider, RDS, but with oversight by LaMATS.

For more information, please contact:  Cliff Palmer, LaMATS Executive Director

Millage Management, LLC provides municipalities the services needed to accurately levy ad valorem taxes.  Municipalities can now gain a clearer understanding of the millage process and the importance of proper procedure.  LaMATS has partnered with Millage Management to bring greater awareness, assistance and maximum revenues to every LMA member.  

For more information, please contact:  Kristyn Childers, LaMATS Millage Consultant

LaMATS Purchasing Service (LPS)

LPS is a multi-faceted suite of municipal procurement products that includes pre-negotiated discounts, financing assistance, full installations of movable property, in-depth Title 38 consulting and innovative, cost-saving solutions for a variety of common procurement scenarios.  Let LaMATS assist you with every aspect of your purchasing at no cost to your municipality.

For more information, please contact:  Cliff Palmer, LaMATS Executive Director

Municipal Debt Recovery

This is a turnkey delinquent receivables management and collections program that gives local government another important tool to recover revenue due from individuals for services or fines levied by competent jurisdiction. And because LaMATS maintains the philosophy that municipalities should not be burdened with the effort or expense, the service is offered at no-cost. As with every collection effort, there are costs associated with tracking down the debtor, but these costs are the responsibility of those owing the debt and not of the municipality.

To participate, please contact:  Mary Joseph, Program Manager

Capital Outlay Consulting

Capital Outlay Consulting service provides your municipality a free consultation with an experienced and seasoned expert in the field of applying for Capital Outlay grants.  To gain the edge your community deserves, take advantage of LaMATS’s Capital Outlay Consulting Services with our partner James Purpera, who has thirty years of experience and provides free initial consultation on your proposals with an eye toward assessment of its chances for funding.

For more information, please contact: 
Cliff Palmer, LaMATS Executive Director

Grant Research

LaMATS now provides grant research assistance through a service partnership with, a national on-line database helping government agencies identify grants for programs and projects as well as mentorship throughout the grant seeking process.  This is a free on-line service.

To participate, please contact:  Mary Joseph, Program Manager

Half-Staff Flag Notification

LaMATS will provide your municipality with a timely notice when the President of the United States or Louisiana Governor issues a proclamation for lowering the American flag to half-staff to honor individuals who have passed away, or to recognize a national tragedy.

For more information, please contact:  Cliff Palmer, LaMATS Executive Director,

For more information:

Cliff Palmer
Executive Director