06-10-2021 - 22:12:39

Track: Public Records/Open Meetings   

HB 120   Newell, Candace (F)
Henry, Cameron (F)
Provides that airport facility plans are confidential.
Bill History: 06-02-21 G Enrolled

HB 373   Bishop, Stuart
Hewitt, Sharon
Establishes an exception to public records requirements for certain information by the secretary of state.
Bill History: 06-04-21 G Enrolled

HB 438   Miguez, Blake
Milligan, Barry (F)
Authorizes a custodian to require a requestor of a public record to provide sufficient proof of identity.
Bill History: 06-08-21 G Enrolled

HB 456   Edmonds, Rick Provides relative to protection of employee data submitted to Louisiana Economic Development as a condition of business incentive program verification.
Bill History: 06-02-21 S 1557 failed in committee Senate and Governmental Affairs 

HB 470   Lyons, Rodney Provides relative to body camera footage.
Bill History: 05-12-21 H Withdrawn

SB 14   Fesi, Sr., Mike (F)
Jenkins, Sam
Exempts certain unclaimed property information from the Public Records Law.
Bill History: 06-02-21 G Enrolled

SB 146   Pope, Rogers (F)
Stefanski, John
Provides relative to the preservation of public records.
Bill History: 06-02-21 G Enrolled

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